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I Need You (Writer: Gerry Beckley)
We used to laugh

We used to cry

We used to bow our head then

Wonder why

But now you're gone

I guess I'll carry on

And make the best of what you left me

Left to me, left to me


I need you

Like the flower needs the rain

You know, I need you

Guess I'll start it all again

You know, I need you

Like the winter needs the spring

You know I need you

I need you

And everyday

I'd laugh the hours away

Just knowing you were thinking of me

Then it came

That I was to blame

For every story told about me

About me, about me


Warner Bros Records Inc.

This song was first recorded by the 70's group America.

Julian recorded this song for the Japanese release of "Photograph Smile"

      2000-2001 CK