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 “Day After Day” was created after surfing the net, looking for a subject to design a site about. The site was first part of my “Cassasong” site, until I decided that it would be better on it’s own. It came on-line in 1999.

 I have been a Julian Lennon fan since I first heard his music. “Photograph Smile” was the most amazing album I have ever heard. And, “Day after Day” the most perfect song.

 This site has been a wonderful experience for me. And, I will always be thankful for the people that I have met because of it, and the joy that it has brought to me.

I would like to thank the following people:

First I want to thank Julian for his wonderful music and being the one poet who truly amazes me. Thanks Julian :).

I would like to Thank CJ for being so nice and letting me use the "Photograph Smile" background when I first started the site and for letting me bug her ever since :).

Also Dean for all of his help with site problems!

And I would like to Thank a fellow Russell Crowe fan!! Because of Julian and the Net I met a really cool friend!

Also many thanks to all the people who visit the site Day after Day.

                                                                                             Cass 2001

 If you feel something on this site should not be there then please take a moment to send me a e-mail so I can take care of the problem d not like

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