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                                                 Julian By:

He was born into the public eye
within his father's image.
A chance he'd take to stake his claim
and cross the line of scrimage.
When camera's flash before his eyes,
he was blinded by the light.
But never did he flater,
his star was shining bright.
Then one day, much too soon
his fathers light grew dim.
And all the world gathered 'round
they kept their eyes on him.
Son of John they would say,
Julian would turn,
but only time could teach them all
the lesson's they would learn.
His father's eyes and nose and hair,
but the sound was not the same.
For Julian himself would say,
Life is Not a game.
Just let him be JULIAN,
And not the son OF JOHN,
He'll achieve things on his own,
with some help from God.
You may not re-copy or re-print the poem in any way at all without the written permission of the author.
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